Although this audio definitely has a healing energy all on its own - the real magic is in the methods shared that teaches you how to use a small portion of The Core Work Healing Experience to move through challenges with much greater ease.

In short - the methods shared in this audio will offer you a practical way to resolve and heal any emotional challenges you may be going through!

Even better - you can learn the methods for just $11!


Hello My Friend,

I'm Emmanuel Dagher, founder of The Core Work Experience - the powerful healing technology used in the "Become The Healer" audio.

If this is the first time we have met, I'd like to extend to you a warm welcome and an energetic hug.

I'm so excited that you're one-step closer to transforming the relationships in your life.

If you have ever struggled in receiving or experiencing a healing, or have even wondered if healing is even possible...then you'll find this audio transformative.

The magic behind Become The Healer is in the methods shared that TEACHES YOU how to use a small portion of The Core Work Healing Experience to move through challenges with much greater ease.

You'll learn:

  • The Number 1 reason why people are struggling receiving or experience Healing
  • The simple “Formula” you need to experience Healing
  • The different two Types of Feelings you need to recognize
  • The four Fears that give you struggle and hardship and how to move past them (hint: it doesn’t have anything to do with “beating” or eliminating Fear like many people think is needed)
  • The one enlightenment that will revolutionize every healing you receive going forward, whether its you and I, with others or just yourself

And all this won't even cost you as much as a trip to the movies

Your price is just a one-time payment of $11! 

Isn't learning how to experience real Healing in your life worth it?

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