Emmanuel and Ziad have decided to co-facilitate 1 more 21 Days of Healing this year, because of the significance and energy this year carries. 

You may have noticed that things are changing now more quickly than ever! 

An important part of the awakening and rebirth taking place in the consciouness of humanity at this time is directly linked to the fact that so many people around the world have been doing their inner-healing work. The shifts have been amplified many fold because we are in a "1" year.

The year 2017 numerically is a “1” year (2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10, and 10 reduces to 1 + 0 = 1). The number 1 represents the energies of rebirth, a fresh start, and taking inspired action.

A '1' year is all about setting a tone and foundation. We have the opportunity to work with the energies of this '1' year to create great momentum and movement when it comes to areas of our well-being, abundance, career, relationships, healing, spiritual development and creative ventures.

The intentions, actions, and deeds we are choosing to focus on right now, will set the tone for what we will attract, create, and experience especially for the next 9 years.

Because the energies are so fertile and supportive with helping us create greater healing and expansion in our lives, Emmanuel asked one of the world's most gifted energy healers to co-create a sacred 21 day healing experience with you and Emmanuel. We are excited beyond words, because we know first hand the miracles that happen when both Ziad and Emmanuel facilitate their healing magic. So imagine that magic doubled!

It is with profound gratitude that Ziad Hashash will be co-facilitating this 21 days of healing with Emmanuel! This means that the healing and expansion Ziad, you and Emmanuel step into together will be magnified many fold!




At the core of this program are the unconditional love and restorative energy healing sessions Ziad and Emmanuel create with you for 21 consecutive days.

For 35 minutes each day, Ziad and Emmanuel will remotely facilitate healing to support you with aligning with the most fulfilling and expansive timeline aligned with your highest and greatest good.

You will also have the opportunity to submit specific requests that allow them to focus healing energy on areas of your life that you would like for them to include.

The healing technologies used during the 21 days of remote healing include Geometric Healing and The Core Work.

Geometric Healing was developed by Ziad Hashash 13 years ago, and is a modality that anchors the pure patterns of Divine perfection into every aspect of the recepient's present reality using Sacred Geometry.

During each session, the Sacred Geometry that Ziad anchors into your being will activate your light body and re-unify it with your physical, emotional and mental bodies. The result is that a greater sense of connection, joy, well-being and expansion enters one's life with greater ease.

Geometric Healing is also very supportive with helping to navigate through the energy wave cycles that are causing rapid shifts and transitions to occur.

Duing the 21 day sessions, Emmanuel will also be facilitating The Core Work, a healing technology that quickly heals the heart of every imbalance/issue in one's physical, auric, mental, emotional, and financial bodies.

The Core Work addresses every aspect of the mind, body and Spirit, so that nothing is left behind. It also synergizes with one’s natural ability to heal themselves, creating a powerful quantum leap in healing and wholeness to occur quickly and effectively for the recipient.

During a session, the recipient is also shown how to enter a state of grace and presence, where healing is much more probable, because it can occur outside of linear time and space. This is another reason as to why healing happens so quickly!



Beginning on August 20th, Ziad and Emmanuel will open up the 21 days of healing program with a LIVE 75-minute Q&A healing session. This is where you have the opportunity to receive an extra personalized healing session in an interactive call setting.

During these sessions, you will be able to ask for support to gain clarity and healing around anything that may be holding you back from enjoy your life to the fullest. Those who volunteer to receive healing support live on the calls will also be representing everyone in the group. When one of us is going through something, many of us have either gone through something similar, or are currently experiencing something similar. So everyone in the group will be receiving the healing energy.

You can listen to the playback and receive the full benefits of the sessions also afterwards as a downloadable recording audio.



Ziad will be creating two very special Energy tune-ups designed specifically to enhance your healing experience. Two activations will be delivered to you during the 21 days. These activations will support you with integrating your Light Body into your present reality, and you will also learn a specific process that teaches you how to experience Bilocation.

Bilocation is when the mind of one's emotional body consciously travels to a distant location, while one's mind and physical body are in a medative state. The reason why this is so powerful, is because it allows one to jump through different timelines in order to resolve and heal anything that no longer feels aligned with the way they desire to experience their present reality. You will have both of these activations as recordings to work with over and over again.



Ziad and Emmanuel will be offering insights and energy updates through the private community page, which will be available for you to access at anytime. Emmanuel loves to use crystals during his healing sessions, so he will also keep you updated on which crystals he will be using during the sessions.



When you choose to be part of a healing vortex like the one created in this 21 days of healing program, many things will begin to shift internally and externally. It's important to have a community that supports one another through times of great healing and transformation. Ziad and Emmanuel have created a nourishing and loving PRIVATE Community Group so that you can understand that we are all in this together. This is the space where you will be able to share your heart with the group, and also share the miracles, expansion and blessings that manifest in your life. Note: Engaging in the community page is not required to receive the full benefits of the program.



Within 24 hours of signing up for the program, you will receive two music frequency healing activations created by Emmanuel. These frequency activations include The Core Work protocols set just below the threshold of sound, Solfeggio healing tones, and Rife frequency healing. Each music activation works on the subconscious, conscious, and cellular levels. Igniting these points of access significantly enhances and accelerates your personal transformation process. Even those who are not necessarily sensitive to energy will feel their body, mind and spirit energize and shift during and after listening to the music activations.


If you are a current Club Miracles member (a monthly healing service Emmanuel and Ziad offer) or if you were part of the last 21 days of healing series, please email Emmanuel to receive your special discounted rate at

Miraculous breakthroughs are waiting to bless you now and always.


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